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 Summer is already here. Sunshine, nice weather and good mood. We have decided to bring You something specific and amazing, something as warm as summer weather and as beautiful as summer nature. Scandinavian nail art tour, 2 days of education with Europe`s leading nail artists. This course is meant for everybody who loves nail art, wants to improve skills and offer something different and amazing to clients.

 Two nail art schools joined to bring You the best nail art education with the following programs. We offer individual approach to every our student, that is why we never gather educational groups more than 15 persons. We insist, that every nail technician has his own vision and that`s why we do not offer to copy some ready- made designs. We will be working there with You, creating amazing designs together. And what is a main goal of our system, that we will find Your individuality and show you how to use it.

Educational programs were composed by a coalition of 4 International Master Educators, including their big educational experience and considering nowadays fancy tendencies. Participating in our workshops is a hard work because we guarantee, that You will improve Your skills and will be able to draw a beautiful pictures after that.




First day.

Day of fast studio designs with polishes, paints and accessories.

Absolutely unique technique. All of you have some old and not needed polishes on Your shelf. And You are ready to through them away. You cannot even imagine how useful they are in everyday fast studio designs.

We introduce an author program of Olesja Nikolenko (International Nfu.Oh Master Educator, OMC Athens 2008 1st place winner, Baltic Beauty World Riga 2005 2nd place winner, nail art competitions judge of international qualification).

Seven hours on intensive work with nail polishes, brushes, acrylic color paints and accessories.

Hand position, motive finding, composition, chromatics, wet technique, flowers, butterfly. All that You need to perform a perfect nail art in maximum 20 minutes. Your clients will be happy seeing their new nails.           

Second day.

We all have clients who just love french manicure and through the years it remains to be one of the most popular nail designs. However, we have decided to enlarge Your imagination on that.

Our second day of education is a special author course by E.Shanskaya House of Manicure Baltics called Elegant Frenchwoman. In spite of the fact that French is a most common type of nail design, we have created so called French variations. Difference of shape, smile line, prolonged nail bed, types of camouflage and of course a huge variety of designs using color gel, acrylic paints and accessories.

Rainbow, glimmer, pearl, transparent french designs are just a part of those that we will show You during the seven hours of our course.  


Educator – Natalya Kiampo. International master educator of E.Shanskaya House of Manicure Baltics.

2nd prize winner of World Golden Hands 2007 nail art contest in Mix media category

1st place winner in Golden Hands of Ukraine 2008 in VIP nail technician category and Mix media

1st prize winner of World Golden Hands 2008 in VIP nail technician category, acrylic sculpting

3rd prize winner of Prague nail art competition in a hand painting category

Prize winner in nail art competition during Frankfurt beauty fair Beauty World 2009 in Mix media (2nd place), nail art hand painting (3rd place).


Registration is optional. Student has to take with his favorite gel, acrylic and paint brushes. Color pencils, book for notes and own UV lamp.

Cost of 2 days full of education 3 500 :- kr.


You`ll get 2 certificates by Olesja Nikolenko and House of Manicure.



  1. Hand position
  2. Motive finding
  3. Composition
  4. Chromatics
  5. Wet technique
  6. Flowers
  7. Butterfly
  8. Difference of shape                
  9. Smile line
  10. Prolonged nail bed
  11. Types of camouflage
  12. Rainbow french
  13. Glimmer french
  14. Pearl french
  15. Transparent french


Book Your place now! Number of seats is limited !


All that crisis rumors are just in people heads. Offer the best, offer something new. Stay on the wave, keep on moving and you will never loose.


E.Shanskaya – official nail art competitions Russian team trainer, judge of international qualification, owner of her own popular school of nail art called House of Manicure, co organizer of nail art competitions. Has her own representative educational instructors in Russia, Germany, Latvia, Austria, Israel, USA. E.Shanskaya students a lot of  different nail art competitions all over the world.


Stockholm – 11-12th of July 2009

Helsinki 18-19 of July 2009

Oslo – 25-26th of July 2009

Copenhagen – 01-02th of August 2009



Sweden bookings vackranaglar@hotmail.com

By phone +46 708614800 or +46 8 669 09 72

Other bookings please contact Olesja Nikolenko at education@viis.ee